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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will treatment work for me?
Yes. Dr. Balkany has many satisfied patients and has been in private practice in the Toledo area for more than 25 years. He has treated venous problems exclusively full time since 1997.

Q. What are the symptoms of varicose veins if not treated?
Varicose veins cause leg symptoms of aching, pain, heaviness and swelling through the day. Other symptoms can include itching, leg cramps and restless legs. These symptoms can be gradual that patients arenít fully aware of them until they resolve after treatment. Some patients do not have symptoms but are concerned with the appearance of their legs.

Q. What complications can occur if varicose veins are not treated?
Reflux can lead to edema, phlebitis or clots and bleeding episodes. Progressive skin damage with red to brown discoloration at the inner ankles can result in painful non-healing ulcers or open sores.

Q. How can I help myself?
Graduated compression stockings and walking or other non-vigorous exercise can slow the progression of varicose veins. The strength of compression is important. For varicose veins a minimum of 15mm/Hg compression is necessary. Many common over the counter compression stockings are not labeled in mm/Hg and are often 4-6 mm/Hg.

Q. Can my varicose veins improve by themselves?
Unfortunately, varicose veins always worsen over time but usually slowly. As backwards reflux pressure always causes more reflux over time, you will eventually notice year to year changes begin to dramatically worsen.

Q. How do I choose a physician for my problem?
Ask your physician or your friends who they would recommend. Research available sources to see which doctors have experience, are board certified, devote their practices full-time to venous disorders & have the advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment to help your problem. Schedule a consultation and ask questions, and be sure you are comfortable with your choice of physician and his staff as well as the environment of his office setting.

Q. Will the treated veins come back?
If performed properly and in a sequence of first treating the high backwards pressure or reflux, the treated veins will completely disappear (reabsorb) and never return. However other veins with normal vein valves can have their valves degenerate over time and become abnormal.

Q. What about costs?
A. Treatment is covered by most insurance companies.

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